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Option Category
Chuck Berry Male singer
Chuck Norris Male actor
Citizen Kane Movie
City of Bones Book
Clarice Starling (The Silence of the Lambs) Female movie character
Clarinet Instrument
Clicky Pens Technology
Clockwork angel Book
A Clockwork Orange Movie
Codename: Kids Next Door TV show
Coffee Art Other
Coins Other
Coke Drink
A cold Disease
Coldplay Band
College Dropout (Kanye West) Album
Comedy of Errors Play
Community Comedy TV show
Condoms Other
Conductors Musical
Cookies Food
Copyright Other
Corrugated Word
The Cosby Show Comedy TV show
Coupons Other
Courage The Cowardly Dog TV show
Cowboys Group
Cows Animal
Cracked Website
Creationists Group
Credit cards Other
Cricket Sport
Crickets Animal
Crying Behaviour
Cupcakes Food
Curiosity rover Science / space
Curling Sport
Cycling Sport
Czech Republic Country
The Da Vinci Code Book
Daffy Duck Male TV character
Damon Wayans Male actor
Dancing Experience
Dangle Word
Daniel Craig Male actor
Daniel Radcliffe Male actor
Daredevil Male comic book character / superhero
Dark Chocolate Food
The Dark Knight Movie
The Dark Knight Rises Movie