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Option Category
Magazines Other
Magic Other
Magnets Other / science
Mags Bennett (Justified) Female TV character / bad guy
Making Friends Experience
Man on Fire Action movie
Manatees Animal
Manchester City
Manchester United Football teams (soccer)
Margaret Thatcher Female politician
Margarita pizza with basil Food
Mario Male game character
Mark Zuckerberg Male businessperson
The Marshall Tucker Band Band
Martian Manhunter Male comic book character / superhero
Martin Lawrence Male actor
Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon movies) Male movie character
Martin Scorsese Male director
Marty McFly Male movie character
Marvel Movie studio
Mass Effect Game
Master of Puppets (Metallica) Album
Matched Book
The Matrix Action movie / sci-fi movie
Matt Damon Male actor
Max Name
McDonald's Company
Mckayla Maroney Female sportsperson
MDMA Behaviour / experience
Me Against The World (2Pac) Album
Meagan Good Female actor
Mean Girls Movie
Measles Disease
Meerkats Animal
Melbourne City
Memento Movie
Men Group
Meningitis Disease
Mental Floss Website
Metallica Band
Metalocalypse TV show
Metroid Game
Mexico Country
Mice Animal
Michael Caine Male actor
Michael Cera Male actor
Michael Clarke Duncan Male actor
Michael Jackson Male singer
Michael Jordan Male sportsperson
Michael Myers Male bad guy / movie character