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Option Category
Alison Brie Female actor
Aly Raisman Female sportsperson
Alyson Hannigan Female actor
Alyssa Milano Female actor
The Amazing Race TV show
The Amazing Spider-Man Action movie
Amazon Company / website
Amelie Movie
American Beauty Movie
American Dad Comedy TV show
American History X Movie
Anchorman Movie
Anders Breivik Male killer
Andrew Garfield Male actor
Android Technology
Ang Lee Male director
Angel TV show
Angela Montenegro (Bones) Female TV character
Angry Birds Star Wars Game
Animal Farm Book
Anime Other
Anne Hathaway Female actor
Annie (Community) TV character
Apocalypse Now Movie
Apple Company
Apple App Store Website
Apple juice Drink
Apples Fruit
Apricots Fruit
Aquaman Superhero
Archer Comedy TV show
Archery Sport
Argentina Country
Argo Movie
Ashley Tisdale Female actor / singer
Ashton Kutcher Male actor
Assassin's Creed Game
Aston Martin Technology
Audrey Hepburn Female actor
Australia Country
Avatar Action movie
The Avengers Action movie
Babe Ruth Male sportsperson
Babies Other
Back In Black (AC/DC) Album
Back to the Future Movie
Back to the Future Part II Movie
Back to the Future Part III Comedy movie / sci-fi movie / western movie
Bacon Food
Badminton Sport