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Option Category
Bald men Group
Bamboozle Word
Bananas Fruit
Band of Brothers TV show
Barack Obama US president
Barney (How I Met Your Mother) Male TV character
Baseball Sport
Basketball Sport
Batgirl Female superhero
Batman Male comic book character / superhero
Batman (Adam West) Batman / TV character
Batman (Ben Affleck) Batman
Batman (Christian Bale) Batman
Batman (George Clooney) Batman
Batman (Michael Keaton) Batman
Batman (Val Kilmer) Batman
Batman Begins Action movie
Battlefield 3 Game
Baz Luhrmann Male director
Bazinga Word
BBC Company
The Beach Place
Beaches Movie
Beady Eye Band
Bears Animal
The Beatles Band
A Beautiful Mind Movie
Beauty and the Beast Movie
Beavers Animal
Bed Other
Beer Drink
Being kicked in the balls Experience
Being naked Experience
Belgium Country
Ben Affleck Male actor / director
The Bends (Radiohead) Album
The Bible Book
The Big Bang Theory Comedy TV show
The Big Fat List Website
Bill Clinton US president
Bill Gates Male businessperson
Bill Murray Male actor
Bill O'Reilly Male TV personality
Bing Website
Biting the inside of your mouth Experience
Bjork Female singer
Black Beauty Book
Black Panther Male comic book character / superhero
Black Swan Movie
Black Widow Female superhero