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Option Category
Receiving an injection Experience
Red Colour
Red Wine Drink
Reddit Website
Redheads Group
Regular Show TV show
Remote controls Technology
Republicans Group
Requiem for a Dream Movie
Reservoir Dogs Movie
"Revenge is sweet and not fattening." Quote
Rick Fox Actor / sportsperson
Rick Santorum Male politician
Ride the Lightning (Metallica) Album
Ridley Scott Male director
Ringo Starr Male musician
River Song (Doctor Who) TV character
Rob Zombie Director / singer
Robert Downey Jr. Male actor
Robert Pattinson Male actor
Robin (Burt Ward) Male TV character
Robin (Chris O'Donnell) Male movie character
Robot Chicken Comedy TV show
Roman Polanski Male director
Romania Country
Rooney Mara Female actor
Ross (Friends) Male Friends character
Rowing Sport
Rubber Ducky Other
Rubella Disease
Rugby Sport
Rush Band
Russia Country
Safety pins Other
Sailing Sport
Samsung Company
Samuel L. Jackson Male actor
Santa Claus Fictional
Sara Sidle (CSI) TV character
Sarah Connor (The Terminator franchise) Movie character
Sarah Michelle Gellar Female actor
Saving Private Ryan Movie
Saxophone Instrument
Scarface Movie
Scarlett Johansson Female actor
Schindler's List Movie
Scintillate Word
Scoring a goal Experience
Scott Pilgrim Male movie character
Scrat Male movie character