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Abortion Experience
Being kicked in the balls Experience
Being naked Experience
Biting the inside of your mouth Experience
Bullying Behaviour / experience
Dancing Experience
Death Experience
Dumping someone Experience
Farting on someone else Experience
Fear Experience
Feeling hungry Experience
Finding money Experience
First Kiss Experience
Getting divorced Experience
Getting dumped Experience
Getting married Experience
Giving birth Experience
Going on a swing Experience
Going to the Chiropractor Experience
A hangover Experience
Happiness Experience
Having a shower Activity / experience
Holding a tarantula Experience
Hugs Experience
Ketamine Experience
Kissing Experience
Laughing Experience
Losing your keys Experience
Love Experience
Making Friends Experience
Massages Experience
MDMA Behaviour / experience
Pain Experience
Passing a kidney stone Experience
Playing the Benny Hill theme over serious video clips Experience
Raves Experience
Receiving an injection Experience
Scoring a goal Experience
Sex Experience
Singing Experience
Sleeping Experience
Sneezing Behaviour / experience
Stepping on a plug Experience
Stubbing your toe Experience
Tripping Experience
Vomiting Experience
Waiting in line Experience