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Option Category
Almonds Food
Apples Fruit
Apricots Fruit
Bacon Food
Baklava Food
Bananas Fruit
Blackberries Fruit
Blueberries Fruit
Boston Creme Pie Food
Bratwurst Food
Brie Food
Brownies Food
Buffalo Wings Food
Burritos Food
Cadbury's Creme Egg Food
Cake Food
Cantaloupe Food
Caramel Food
Carrots Food
Cereal Food
Cheese Food
Cheesecake Food
Cherries Fruit
Chicken and Waffle flavored Lays Food
Chips and salsa Food
Chocolate Food
Chocolate cake Food
Coconuts Food
Cookies Food
Cotton candy Food
Croissants Food
Cupcakes Food
Dark Chocolate Food
Doner kebab Food
Doner kebab in naan bread Food
Fig Newtons Food
Fish and chips Food
Gingerbread Food
Grapefruits Fruit
Grapes Fruit
Gummy bears Food
Hazelnuts Food
Honey Food
Hot sauce Food
Ice cream Food
Jello Food
KFC Food
Lasagne Food
Lemons Fruit
Limes Fruit