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Option Category
Seth Green Male actor
Seth MacFarlane Male actor / director
Seth Rogen Male actor
Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) Male TV character
Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) Fictional man
Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) Fictional man
Shinz┼Ź Abe Male politician
Smokey Bear Fictional man
Sonic the Hedgehog Male game character
Spider-Man Male comic book character / superhero
Stan Smith (American Dad) Male TV character
Stanley Kubrick Male director
Steve Carell Male actor
Steve Jobs Male businessperson
Steven Soderbergh Male director
Steven Spielberg Male director
Stevie Ray Vaughan Male musician
Stevie Wonder Male singer
Superman Male comic book character / superhero
Swamp Thing Male comic book character / superhero
Sylvester Stallone Male actor / director
Taylor Twellman Male sportsperson
Ted Williams Male sportsperson
Terrence Howard Male actor
Terry Pratchett Author
Theodore Roosevelt US president
Thomas Jefferson US president
Thor Male comic book character / superhero
The Tick Male superhero
Tiger Woods Male sportsperson
Tim Burton Male director
Tom Brady Male sportsperson
Tom Hardy Male actor
Tyler Durden (Fight Club) Male antihero / movie character
Ulysses S. Grant US president
Vladimir Putin Male politician
Walter White (Breaking Bad) Male TV character / antihero
Warren Beatty Male actor / director
Warren G. Harding US president
Wedge Antilles Male Star Wars character
Wes Craven Male director
Wesley Crusher (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Male Star Trek character / TV character
Wil Wheaton Male actor
Will Ferrell Male actor
Will Smith Male actor
William H. Taft US president
William Henry Harrison US president
William McKinley US president
William Shakespeare Author
Winston Churchill Male politician