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Option Category
Paul Thomas Anderson Male director
Pele Male sportsperson
Pennywise (It) Male bad guy / movie character
Peter Griffin (Family Guy) Male TV character
Peter Jackson Male director
Peter Kay Male actor / comedian
Philip Seymour Hoffman Male actor
Piers Morgan Male TV personality
Poe Dameron Male Star Wars character
Popeye Male cartoon character
Porky Pig Male TV character
Prince Harry Male royalty
Prince William Male royalty
Psy Male singer
The Punisher Antihero / comic book character
The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) Male TV character / antihero
Quentin Tarantino Male director
Qui-Gon Jinn Male Star Wars character
R. Lee Ermey Male actor
Rajon Rondo Male sportsperson
The rancor keeper Male Star Wars character
Randy Newman Male musician
Ray William Johnson Male actor
Raylan Givens (Justified) Male TV character
Richard M. Nixon US president
Richard Marx Male singer
Rick Fox Actor / sportsperson
Rick Santorum Male politician
Ricky Gervais Male actor / comedian
Ridley Scott Male director
Ringo Starr Male musician
Rob Zombie Director / singer
Robert De Niro Male actor
Robert Downey Jr. Male actor
Robert Pattinson Male actor
Robin (Burt Ward) Male TV character
Robin (Chris O'Donnell) Male movie character
Roman Polanski Male director
Ronald Reagan US president
Ross (Friends) Male Friends character
Rush Limbaugh Radio personality
Rutherford Birchard Hayes US president
Ryan Lochte Male sportsperson
Ryan Reynolds Male actor
Samuel L. Jackson Male actor
Scott Pilgrim Male movie character
Scott Pilgrim (comics) Male comic book character
Scrat Male movie character
Scrooge McDuck Male cartoon character
Sean Connery Male actor