The Big Fat List of men

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This is a complete list of everything that's been voted on, best to worst. If anything obvious is missing, please submit more options or get voting!

361 Joey (Friends)

Joey (Friends)

Male Friends character

362 Raylan Givens (Justified)

Raylan Givens (Justified)

Male TV character

363 Taylor Twellman

Taylor Twellman

Male sportsperson

364 Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Male politician

365 Booster Gold

Booster Gold

Male comic book character / superhero

366 Boyd Crowder (Justified)

Boyd Crowder (Justified)

Male TV character

367 James Buchanan

James Buchanan

US president

368 Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Male TV personality

369 Baz Luhrmann

Baz Luhrmann

Male director

370 Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

Antihero / comic book character

371 Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Male politician

372 Dr Crippen

Dr Crippen

Male historical figure / killer

373 Mohamed Morsi

Mohamed Morsi

Male politician

374 Wesley Crusher (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Wesley Crusher (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Male Star Trek character / TV character

375 Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Male politician

376 Andy Richter

Andy Richter

Male TV personality

377 Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle

Male TV personality

378 George Lopez

George Lopez

Male actor

379 Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton

Male actor

380 John McCain

John McCain

Male politician