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Option Category
Jessica Ennis Female sportsperson
Jill Valentine Female game character
Jo Frost Female TV personality
Joan of Arc Female historical figure
Jyn Erso Female Star Wars character / movie character
Kate Beckinsale Female actor
Kate Winslet Female actor
Kathryn Bigelow Female director
Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek: Voyager) Female Star Trek captain
Kathy Griffin Female actor
Katie Hopkins Woman
Katie McGrath Female actor
Katy Perry Female singer
Ke$ha Female singer
Keira Knightley Female actor
Kristen Stewart Female actor
Lady Gaga Female singer
Lana Del Rey Female singer
Lena Dunham Female actor
Lindsay Lohan Female actor / singer
Lucy Liu Female actor
Mags Bennett (Justified) Female TV character / bad guy
Maisie Williams Female actor
Mama June Female person
Margaret Thatcher Female politician
Margot Robbie Female actor
Marine Le Pen Female politician
Marissa Mayer Female businessperson
The Master (Doctor Who) Female & male
Mckayla Maroney Female sportsperson
Meagan Good Female actor
Megyn Kelly Female news presenter
Melania Trump Female politician
Mercy (Overwatch) Female game character
Michelle Obama Female politician
Mila Kunis Female actor
Miley Cyrus Female actor / singer
Moira Stuart Female news presenter
Mon Mothma Female Star Wars character / movie character
Monica (Friends) Female Friends character
Naomi Campbell Model
Natalie Portman Female actor
Nicki Minaj Female singer
Oprah Winfrey TV personality / businessperson
Padmé Amidala Female Star Wars character / movie character
Phoebe (Friends) Female Friends character
Pink Female singer
Princess Leia Organa Female Star Wars character
Queen Elizabeth II Female royalty
Rachel (Friends) Female Friends character