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Option Category
Looking like you're smoking when you exhale cold air Other
Magazines Other
Magic Other
Magnets Other / science
Matt Damon riding a dolphin Other
Mirrors Other
Money Other
The moon Other
Music Other
Nail Polish Other
NOH8 Campaign Other
The number 0 Other
Optical illusions Other
Oral-B toothpaste Other
Paper clips Other
Perfume Other
Pillows Other
Planned Parenthood Other
Porsche 911 Other
Rain Other
Rainbows Other
Rotary dial phone Other
Rubber Ducky Other
Safety pins Other
Seashells Other
Selfie sticks Other
Selfies Other
Shoes with lights Other
Showers Other
Smelly diapers Other
Snow Other
Snow globe Other
Soap Other
Soap bubbles Other
Spoons Other
Sporks Other
Staplers Other
The Stock Market Other
The Sun Other
Sunrise Other
Sunsets Other
Tape Measure Other
Tattoos Other
Time Travel Other
Toilet roll over Other
Toilet roll under Other
Toilets Other
Top Hat Other
The US Electoral college Other
Vampires Other