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Option Category
The Smiths Band
Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) Song
Sound of Madness (Shinedown) Animal / song
Spice Girls Band
Stevie Ray Vaughan Male musician
Stevie Wonder Male singer
Sublime Band
Surfer Rosa (Pixies) Album
Taylor Swift Female singer
Ten (Pearl Jam) Album
Tenacious D Band
Thriller (Michael Jackson) Album
Time of the Season (The Zombies) Song
Tori Amos Female singer
Touch The Sky (Kanye West) Song
Trombone Instrument
Trumpet Instrument
Tuba Instrument
Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield) Album
U2 Band
Van Halen Band
Viola Instrument
Violin Instrument
Vitalogy (Pearl Jam) Album
The White Album (The Beatles) Album
The White Stripes Band
Wonderwall (Oasis) Song
Wu-Tang Clan Band
The Zombies Band