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Option Category
The Matrix Action movie / sci-fi movie
Maverick Comedy movie / western movie
The Maze Runner Action movie / sci-fi movie
Mean Girls Movie
Memento Movie
Memphis Belle Action movie
Men in Black Action movie / comedy movie / sci-fi movie
Midway Action movie
Minority Report Action movie / sci-fi movie
Miracle on 34th Street Christmas movie / comedy movie / romantic movie
Monsters, Inc. Movie
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie
Moonraker Bond movie / sci-fi movie
Moulin Rouge Romantic movie
Movie 43 Movie
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Action movie / comedy movie / romantic movie
Mulan Movie
The Muppet Christmas Carol Christmas movie / comedy movie
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Christmas movie / comedy movie
National Treasure Action movie
National Treasure: Book of Secrets Action movie / comedy movie
Nativity! Christmas movie / comedy movie
The Neverending Story Movie
Newsies Movie
The Nice Guys Movie
The Night Before Christmas movie / comedy movie
The Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas movie
A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie
No Country for Old Men Movie
Ocean's Eleven Comedy movie
Ocean's Twelve Comedy movie
Octopussy Bond movie
Oliver Romantic movie
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Bond movie
Once Upon a Time in the West Action movie / western movie
Open Range Action movie / romantic movie / western movie
Orphan Movie
Oz the Great and Powerful Movie
P.S. I Love You Movie
Paranormal Activity Movie
The Patriot Action movie
Patton Movie
Pearl Harbor Action movie / romantic movie
The Phantom of the Opera Romantic movie
Pineapple Express Movie
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Action movie / comedy movie
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Movie
Pleasantville Movie
Pocahontas Movie
The Polar Express Christmas movie